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All about Yemen Chameleon Care

Learn everything you need to know about Yemen Chameleon care in our free to use website. Don't make the same costly mistakes many owners make when purchasing a Yemen Chameleon Setup.

All Lizards are cool but Yemen Chameleons are an extra level of cool. Famous for their changing in colours, Crazy looking eyes and inventors of the best tongue Party tricks known to man, Veiled chameleons (as there more commonly known) are a favourite for reptile enthusiasts world wide.

Yemen chameleons are commonly misunderstood however, there not as easy to look after as your local pet store would like you to believe and there are literally thousands living in the wrong habitat and wrong conditions through out the world. The web has made it easy for people to publish there views and opinions with different takes on how to care for a Chameleon. Due to the nature of so much information being readily available at a click of a button all the guides and advice you will find can create a confusing minefield for you to navigate through.

I set this website up out of frustration, i had kept a Bearded Dragon before and chose a Bearded Dragon as an ideal starter lizard (i would advise you start with one too). I done ok with my Beardie so wanted to go for something a little more advanced and interesting. I have always urged people to do their research before buying any animal and i spent hours scanning the internet for care sheets, setup guides and youtube videos, I eventually selected all the products that i needed purchased them and eagerly anticipated the delivery. I got everything setup and purchased a baby girl who my wife and kids named "Rainbow". Even at the pet store i was offered further advice which i took. After a few weeks of having Rainbow in her new home i found out my setup wasn't quite right and the advice i had been given and read was way off. The outcome to this was lots of wasted money and the possibility of a poorly chameleon.

The above is my story and there a thousands more just like it, this is what has made me setup up this small website, 1 so that other people don't have to go through the frustrating process i had to and 2 to give a complete start to end guide on everything i learnt on the way whilst owning "Rainbow". My ultimate hope is this website will save the lives of many little chameleons whose owners fell in to the same trap i did. I'm no vetinary expert, i'm simply a guy who  was misinformed, left out of pocket and could have had a very poorly Veiled chameleon.

This website will provide you with a good start point of what you need and what you don't need. I have written all the Care advice i have learnt so far in my journey of owning Rainbow and welcome submissions from other people. I hope you feel this website is useful, saves you time, saves you money and allows you to care for these amazing lizards for years to come.