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Setup Guide

Having the correct setup is crucial to your  Veiled Chameleons health and it's frightening what people  choose to house their Chameleons in. This guide will explain what housing you should have, explain lighting / heating requirements and talk about how to get humidity in to the enclosure.

Note** Veiled Chameleons should be housed on their own. 1 Chameleon per enclosure.

Quick Start
I suggest you read the article below in full. The links below are quick links to all the products you will need to get started.
Zoo Med zoomed Repti Breeze Screen Cage, 61 x 61 x 122 cm

Arcadia 22" T5 12% UVB Tube, Controller & Reflector

Exo Terra PT2057 Light Dome Fixture, 18 cm

Exo Terra PT2110 Daytime Heat Lamp, 60 Watt

Zoo Med FS-24 Repti Temp Digital IR Thermometer

zoomed Zoo Med The Little Dripper

Correct Veiled Chameleon Enclosure

First of all, never use a Glass or wooden vivarium to house your Chameleon air flow is crucial to the health of your chameleon so you need to be using a mesh screened cage. Yemen Chameleons need the height more than the width and adults should be housed in a cage no smaller than 61cm x 61cm x 122cm. Juveniles can be housed in smaller cages but will eventually need to move up to the bigger one. My advice is buy the bigger one and raise the floor if needed to make the cage small. Simply get some plywood cut to 61cm x 61cm screw 4 legs on to the desired height and your good to go. Alternatively if you fill the cage with lots of branches, plants and areas to hide a juvenile will do fine straight into the bigger cage, but it must be nice a full.

I speak more about this on the cage Interior Setup section. You will find a lot of starter kits online for chameleons, i would avoid these kits as they are meant to be used as a temporary use in an emergency

My recommendation for the perfect enclosure is the Zoo Med Repti Breeze currently around £115 to buy. It's exactly what you need.

Reptibreeze Veiled Chameleon cage

You can purchase the enclosure here

Lighting and Heating

Simply put it has to be Lighting and Heating separate. No all in ones are allowed. Lighting wise it's so important to give your veiled chameleon the right exposure to UVB. Failure to this can cause illness and eventually death. To make it easy there is really only one choice that i would recommend. The Arcadia 22" T5 UVB tube, they are far superior to other choices on the market and the best thing about them is they only need to be changed every 12 months (most brands are 6 months). The below kit gives you everything you need to get up and running with the correct lighting. You will find 2 clips in the box, i advise you mount these on to 2 small bits of batten to raise the bulb slightly off the top of the cage. Price is currently around £95.

t5 Arcadia 12% UVB bulb and controller

You can purchase the correct lighting here

As for Heating you do need a basic Basking bulb and Dome. No night time heaters are needed, Veiled Chameleons will do just fine at room temperature (unless your room temperature goes below 4 degrees C). Below is the Dome and Bulb that you need. Combined they cost roughly £27.

Exo Terra Dome fixture for Veiled Chameleons Day Time Basking spot Bulb for Veiled Chameleons

You can purchase the dome fixture here

You can purchase the light bulb here

Temperature readings in the enclosure should be as followed.

Ambient Day Temperatures should be between 21 and 26 degrees. The basking spot should between 32 and 37 degrees. Your Chameleon will hop between the basking spot and the rest of the enclosure through out the day which is why it's important to provide lots of branches and plants with in the enclosure. See the Interior Setup page for more details.

To measure your temperatures you will need a device like the one below. To use you simply point at the spot and click the button. The device costs around £30.

Reptile Heat Gun for Veiled Chameleon

You can purchase this here

Dripper System

Humidity is important to a Veiled chameleon but often done incorrectly. Ideally your Chameleon should be mist daily by hand, yes no expensive misters or foggers are needed so don't waste your money. A simple hand trigger water bottle will do the job aslong as it has the ability to control the spray with the nozzle. Misting will help keep humidity up but also allow your Chameleon to re hydrate.

Veiled chameleons won't drink out of bowl, they like moving water and will lick the water from leaves, because of this you need to install a dripper system. Sounds expensive but in reality it's a bottle with a tiny hole in the bottom. The dripper i recommend is below and costs around £12.

Veiled chameleon Dripper system

You can purchase the dripper here